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For your home, a shop, a restaurant, a hotel...

A desire for a particular design, a particular stone, an unusual shape?

Dream, think, rethink your interior and start over. Sometimes all it takes is a single piece, yours to change an entire atmosphere. We have all dreamed of a designer piece and saying to ourselves that unfortunately the price would not be affordable. We are eager to make your custom-made pieces, the ones you have imagined and dream of seeing in your refuge. We will make every effort to achieve it according to your budget.

Bring your imagination to life. Manifeste Creation gives you the opportunity.

The shape, the details, the color, the choice of stone. A meeting that does not lack audacity.

An idea gives life to an achievement. Adapted to your interior and your aspirations.

Each of our designs can be made in different sizes or marbles.

You can also contact us to produce a design you have imagined, we will discuss it and do everything we can to bring it to life.

This is the perfect opportunity to create something unique to you, as each custom piece is unique.

Do you already have a precise idea or are you only at the beginning of your reflection? Send us an email or call to discuss.