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Manifeste Création is a French furniture and decoration brand. Our DNA: the marble stone. We develop limited collections with the ultimate goal of transforming spaces into fundamental and stunning experiences.

Founded by Anaïs Fillau in 2022. "My love of marble, of natural stone has always been something that I was fascinated by. Contemplating what nature is able to produce without human intervention. The possibility that  the same design can  produce completely different pieces. To offer uniqueness while maintaining pure and timeless lines."

Marble pieces in your interior will give you a feeling of well-being on a daily basis while giving a touch of character.

Get rid of the old image that we have of this exceptional material, modernize it and reintroduce it into your home in a different light.

Manifeste Création draws its inspiration from the Landes region in France by being connected to the Landes forest.

Each piece is drawn and designed by us, then entrusted to selected partners in the European and Mediterranean area (Italy, Spain, and Turkey). We favor simple, timeless lines that will accompany you through time, beyond trends. A kind of perennial functional minimalism that will be passed down from generation to generation. A revisit of the classics from a more modern angle. Your home is a space of serenity, softness and well-being and each piece you bring into it will contribute to it.

Each marble is chosen with absolute care of quality but also the deep desire to make you discover nuances and veinings which one does not see everywhere. The piece you choose will be unique, just for you. The collections are produced in small quantities out of eco-responsible concern but also give you  the chance to travel as frequently as possible through new marbles, shapes and colors.

Manifeste Création is the opportunity to offer something exclusive, unique and to rethink the idea we have of natural stone furniture. The furniture's limited collections reflect simple designs, with exquisite finishes that will last forever.


Using marble to create furniture and decoration as a masterpiece of a Unique story.

Introduce Nature into the heart of your intimacy to sublimate your interior.

Surround yourself with durable, functional and minimalist design.

Prioritize physical and visual comfort.

Marble is like a relationship. If you take good care of it, it will last a lifetime.


Marble is a product of nature. Mother Nature gives what she has so that each piece is completely unique. There is perfection in imperfection. Small cracks and holes may be present. The “astonishing beauty of the imperfection and uniqueness of each piece.


It is at the heart of our Project, justifies all our commitment, and forces us to constantly work on doing better.

◈ Better, when we imagine our  desire to surround ourselves  with pieces that resemble us, which accompany us tirelessly over the endless course of time.

◈ Better, when we invite our client  to choose unique pieces as a heritage to pass on, to invest in the long term.

◈ Better, when we believe,  that we must now buy less, but better in order to preserve the exhaustible resources of our Planet.

◈ Better, when we measure satisfaction by being surrounded by furniture and objects with an astonishing visual appearance, a guarantee of perpetual pleasure.

We look forward to starting this journey with you, delighting your interiors with sustainable furniture, creating unique objects just for you and supporting you in all your natural stone projects.