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Hyper-consumption and standardisation have allowed the furniture industry for 70 years, especially lower quality production, to manufacture large quantities of furniture at low cost. The fast design.

After several decades of unbridled consumption, the pollution generated is considerable. Each year, in France, there are more than 2 million tons of furniture waste.

However,  today everything is changing! For a few years now, consumers around the world have seized the opportunity to contribute to this planetary reflex of survival: ecology... and savings at the same time. Buy less, but better.

The era of hyper consumption is over. Not only buying quality but also buying from brands that produce  limited quantities or produce on demand, helps to avoid production congestion. Increasing eco-responsible buyers, concerned about the future of the planet.

Manifeste Création implements an eco-responsible and environmentally friendly approach that is part of this trend. We work with unused marble offcuts as much as possible so that nothing is lost. We produce collections in small quantities and work on pre-order or made to measure in order to produce in reasonable and reasoned quantities.

Your pieces of marble furniture will be able to live for many years and will be able to be transmitted from generation to generation. This is why we want to be part of a virtuous circular economy model.

When you place an order on Manifeste Creation, you help reduce the negative impact of low cost and fast design – furniture that is quickly made, quickly bought, quickly thrown away, which pollutes our precious planet.

No to fast design, Yes to quality and durability!